Mortgage Rates Have Already Risen From All-Time Lows (But Only Slightly)

It's Thursday, and thus time once again for Freddie Mac's weekly mortgage rate survey.  This is the longest-running and most widely-cited snapshot of mortgage rates  in the US, but it frequently results in misinformation for mortgage shoppers.  The survey does an accurate job of capturing the rates available early in any given week, but it doesn't take the entire week into consideration.  As such, actual rates can be very different by the time the survey is published (and news organizations are citing it as a breaking story).

This is most noticeable when rates make huge moves late in any given week or simply when rates are near all-time lows.  In the current case, the average lender was at all-time lows late last week when Freddie's survey wasn't accepting any responses.  It's no surprise to see Freddie's survey showing all-time lows today, even as rates have clearly moved up a bit from those all-time lows.  After all, a good amount of that movement occurred after Tuesday when the majority of Freddie's survey responses have already come in.  

All that to say, please don't expect your mortgage lender to be able to offer all-time low rates today... not without a time machine anyway.  

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