Big Day For Mortgage Rates

Thursday plays host to vastly more mortgage rate articles than any other day of the week.  This has to do with the regular weekly release of Freddie Mac's mortgage rate survey (which many news organizations use as source material for one article per week on the topic.  Freddie's data is great when it comes to tracking long term trends, but it doesn't account for day to day movements.  For example, today's Freddie survey suggests rates are lower this week, but if we look at this Thursday afternoon vs last, we're not quite back down to those levels for the average lender. The good news is that last Thursday's rates were the lowest in nearly a year. 

That brings us to today's important distinction.  Today is officially the first day in a long time where we can say the average lender is quoting the same rates, year over year.  In other words, today's rates are equal to those seen on Feb 7, 2018.  Unless rates move quickly higher tomorrow, we should officially be LOWER year-over-year for the first time since Nov 2016.

This Daily Mortgage Rate Update is provided in partnership with Mortgage News Daily.